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The SBC company is a blockchain integration service. We create IT solutions for business society based on blockchain technology

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Blockchain integration


An implementation scale oftechnology determines its value. When blockchain just appeared it showed efficiency in financial and investment spheres.


Blockchain integration gave birth to a grate number of ICOs and opportunity to thousands of ordinary people to feel as a part of hi-tech projects.


Only legislative heaviness and the fear of the revolutionary power of blockchain to exclude brokerage services are hinder this technology from implementation in different spheres of the economy.


The blockchain technology has a wide range of implementation: from elections where the results are truthful and irrevocable to sustainable data centers with decentralized information pool.


Revolutional reorganization of many spheres such as law, banking, real estate, private & public registers will take place in the immediate future.
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Blockchain consulting

  • Person Name Landing
    Landing Page This is the face of your business. More carefully your consider each block, more effective will be your business representation. Pay precise attention to every element of the page: architecture, style, colors, text position, diagrams, photos, and pictures. Only high-quality execution of the landing page can highlight the business among the others. To achieve the best results to focus is on both: property positioned elements and consistency of the essential information.
    Person Name Advisory
    Advisory support “We do not charge for a consultation” or “Our advisory is for free” - how many times have you heard these replies before being billed? An uncharges consultations will probably leave more questions than give answers.
    If you need the advice of our specialists, then be sure to get the necessary answers at a fair price from experts who really understand the issue. We will not leave your problem unsolved.
  • Person Name Jurisdiction
    Jurisdiction Blockchain businesses have an innovative approach to management, and the next possible business step might be an expansion. But legislation of various Countries has its advantages and drawbacks. And if you neglect a thorough examination of preferable jurisdiction, your project may be obliterated at every step, no matter how much innovative or high-yield it is.
    Person Name Escrow
    Escrow It is a modern and at the same time secured payment tool that provides an opportunity to protect the interests of both parties during the mutual settlements. According to the Escrow Agreement, the depositor transfers the money to the account of the Escrow agent (bank) for calculations and block them until the Escrow will fulfill his obligations specified in the agreement. The goal of the escrow service is to resolve controversial financial issues in the pretrial order. Calculations using an Escrow account are preferable for international companies.
    Person Name Advisory
    Advisory support. If you have everything to start own business but choosing the jurisdiction hinds the process our experts will help you to get through harsh legal wording, determine pitfalls and prevent issues. By using our the legal support, you are saving your money and time and avoid unnecessary spendings on legal problems that would happen if you were without the backing.
  • Person Name Analitycs
    Analitycs Marketing analytics solves the problem of planning all marketing operations aiming to achieve the maximum advertising effect while optimizing the costs of promotion. The analysis results are intended to answer the questions with clear and measurable assessment parameters, including the actions necessary to get answers to these questions. The basis of the analysis is statistically significant, relevant and reliable data. The result of the analytical work of our marketing experts is the developed media plan with rational budgeting.
    Person Name PROMOTION
    PROMOTION Market promotion of a product is the most complicated, cost-intensive and challenging process that is carried out by a team of various specialists. It includes multichannel, verified marketing actions and is divided into several sections:
    - Event management;
    - Online presence (media, PR, SMM, SMO, blogs, forums, banner-teaser networks);
    - Distribution via internal channels to attract traffic, conversion management;
    - Promotion, with the involvement of contractors, well-known bloggers, and journalists from influential media outlets.
    Person Name Advisory
    Advisory support As practice shows, customers do not have trust in unknown companies. The customer is ready to overpay, just to be confident in reliability. Afraid to lose clients that will prefer your competitors? Our specialists will not only conduct a full analysis of possible promotion sites but also develop strategies for achieving the maximum effect, minimizing your costs. They will prepare a plan to reach the maximum target audience in various ways, starting with SMM, ending with various marketing events. Let everyone talk about you.
  • Person Name Business plan
    Business plan

    Business plan - a detailed description of the project being launched to the market.

    The plan is the primary document by which an impression of the project as a whole is created, but also potential investors decide to invest in the project.

    The business plan should be so detailed as to answer all questions related to the project and so coherent and straightforward that the potential investor does not lose the interest because of its complexity.

    Person Name Investment presentation
    Investment presentation

    Investment Presentation - an initial document for the investor’s familiarization with a startup, which briefly describes an idea, business model and market analysis: customers, competitors, project potential, possible risks, payback period, etc. In addition, the project team of specialists should be included.

    Properly made and confidently presented presentation significantly increases the amount and possibility of successful investments.

    Person Name Advisory
    Advisory support

    In today's world, there is often a situation where there is a great idea, but there are not enough funds to implement it.

    If not getting credits and loans in the banks what else could we do? Look for investors.

    Not only a "guardian angel" of your business should be found, but he must be interested and convinced to invest in your project. Our highly qualified specialists will not only make an investment presentation that briefly and clearly describes the business-concept and present the team, but also a business plan - the main document that will thoroughly describe all aspects, without leaving any question unanswered. All of that will attract the necessary funds.

Implementation areas

Automated control system

  • Rationalization the production cycles
  • Technological process control
  • Decentralized administration


  • Automation of warehouse processes
  • Cargo flow control
  • Decentralized control of supply chains

Database protection

  • Control of the immutability of blocks of information
  • Decentralized Registries
  • Simplified Database validation

Financial Operations

  • Reduce transaction costs
  • Financial transactions between two or more organizations without bank assistance
  • Any business and financial registers that could be open to the public


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Our team

Ilya Smirnov CFO & Founder Digital economics expert. Has more than 10 years of experience in entrepreneurship, managing companies and trading in financial markets.President of International Association Of Blockchain Solutions Development.
Andrew Marinich Financial consultant International level expert in the field of finance and blockchain technology. Asian digital economics expert. Has 5 years of work experience in China and USA. Founder of Marinich & Co
Alexey Prihodko Product owner Has more than 10 years of experience in IT project management. Has successfully organized and managed projects such as TV2GO, MobileTV and GetGeo.
Sergei Drobishev Lead developer Has more than 15 years of experience in development and intergration of business applications ranging from the enterprise level systems to mobile and web applications. Smart contract and blockchain expert.
Natalia Skripchenko Head of Event Management Department Spent more than 12 years bulilding and managing a successful event team, organizing major corporate and city-level events. Held more than 250 commercial and governmental projects in Russia and abroad.
Andrew Arsenchuk System Administrator Server hardware specialist.
Tishkunov Constantine Fullstack developer Specialist in the field of web development with more than 3 years experience. Worked with clients from Israel, USA and England. Has a lot of experience with JavaScript (React.JS, Vue.JS) , Node.JS, MySQL.
Alisa Akinshina ICO business analyst A seasoned expert in business processes analytics, development, management and optimization.
Doronin Vyacheslav Graphic Designer Motion design, cinemography. Many years of experience in developing catalogs, creating printed promotional materials (leaflets, collages, banners, posters, posters, etc.). Professional development of concepts of advertising companies and corporate styles.
Kulachenko Dmitriy ICO consultant Specialist in international communications and public relations. CryptoEnthusiast.

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