"Unleash your full potential"


"Live Healthy. Live Fit. Live Happy."

Eating Healthy

Eating a good variety of non-processed whole foods and drinking a good amount of water give us all we need to be healthy. In addition, a good nutrition is essential to potentiate exercise benefits


Physical exercise leads to increases in muscle mass, reductions in body fat levels, improvements in the cardiovascular system, improvements in cerebral function, reductions in the incidence of diseases and increases psychological well-being.


A positive attitude is crucial to be healthy and feeling good. All the physical changes in our bodies start with psychological changes. Without changing habits we cannot achieve better results.


"Live Healthy. Live Fit. Live Happy."

Who am I?

I am a 26 years old personal/group trainer. I have a Bachelor Degree in Biology, a Master Degree in Cellular and Molecular Biology and currently I am studying Sports Science.

I am passionate about fitness and I love to try new approaches of training and practice different sports. Usually, I spend my free time doing calisthenics, lifting weights, running, hiking, playing tennis.

My journey

My first contact with sports was at the age of 6 when my parents signed me up in Karate classes and I immediately fell in love with that.

Practicing Karate was very important in my physical development because it allowed me to develop many skills: flexibility, balance, agility, strength and explosiveness, which are the foundations for every sport. In addition, this martial art was crucial for my personal development, giving me core values that were essential to build my character and make me a well-balanced and healthy person.

More than the fighting techniques, I loved the physical conditioning. I remember that from an early age, my favorite part of the trainings were the workouts with all those push-ups, squats, sprints, jumps, sit ups and so on. What was a punishment for most of the kids, for me was just fun.

Along the years, I have got more and more interested about fitness and when I was around 14 years old I signed up in a gym for the first time to learn new exercises and to push my limits. Since then, I have trained in several gyms and had the opportunity to learn with great professionals.

I’m not just focused in improving my performance and health, I also want to understand the science behind the training and nutrition. It’s this hunger for knowledge that drove me to study Biology and Sport Sciences.

My goal

Using my experience and knowledge, I want to help people achieve healthier lifestyles with physical training and nutrition.

More than changing bodies, I want to change lives. I believe that we should not try to change our bodies, instead we must change our habits.

“A sexy body is not always healthy,
but a healthy body is always sexy!”

“A sexy body is not
always healthy,
but a healthy body
is always sexy!”

Jamor, Lisboa, Portugal

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